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Top 10 Things To Do in Dublin

Top 10 Things To Do in Dublin Written by a local for a local!

Ever wonder if there is an alternative to your regular week night out, or maybe something different to do at the weekend? Sick of hitting the pub or even the suggestion of it? Yes we are known for our pub culture and what a gem it is but sometimes we might just contemplate giving our liver a night off....oh I can already hear the gasps rolling around Dublin. Yes folks, I offer you an alternative! Here is a list of my favourite places to check out and hang out around our fair city.

1. Tea Gardens- 7 Ormond Quay, D1 http://www.tea-garden.eu/
The one and only Tea Gardens, no place like it in Dublin! A word of advice: wear matching, no-hole socks! I was caught out here once...never to be lived down. Here you can relax in the oasis of calm, sit on the floor in carpeted private booths, drink tea from little bowls and play scrabble to your heart’s content. A total plus, it’s open late till 11pm most nights.

2. St. Michan’s Church- Church St, Smithfield, D7. http://www.stmichans.com/
Who needs Egypt when we have our very own mummies to veer at! Underneath this church is a dark crypt filled with mummified corpses, one 7ft in height is even rumoured to be one of God’s Crusaders. Dracula writer Bram Stoker is said to have visited the crypts for some shivering inspiration!

3. Queen of Tarts- Cork Hill, Dame Street, Dublin 2 http://www.queenoftarts.ie/
Best cake shop in Dublin! This is seconded and thirded (?!) and so on by the plethora of plaques claiming to be the best cakes in town, although a dear friend say you can buy these? I’m not so sure... Perfect little lunch date venue with your girlfriends, gourmet sandwiches, hearty soups and to die for desserts!

4. The Science Gallery- Trinity, D2  http://sciencegallery.com/
Definitely worth dropping by every couple of months! Housed on the Trinity grounds, the gallery exhibits all kinds of experiments social, food, web and otherwise.  If you’re lucky you might even pop by on a day where you can be a test subject! Many a days I have battled with memory games, spied on Dublin CCTV cameras and ran around electric circuits.

5. St. Mary’s AbbeyMeeting House Lane, off Capel Street, D1 http://www.heritageireland.ie/en/Dublin/StMarysAbbeyDublin/
One of the oldest churches in Dublin and a real gem. The stone staircase leads you underground into the church. Mind-boggle! This underground was once on ground level so it’s a nice little insight into how much the city has been built up over the centuries.

6. Foam Cafe- Just off Jervis Street in the Italian Quarter. http://foamcafe.ie/
Where else can you be greeted by a hundred flamingos, framed pictures of scantily clad peeps, a flurry of mismatching couches, the best coffee books and to top it all off fringed umbrellas? I ask you, where? This place oozes quirky originality, like a drag queen’s bag just exploded over the walls. This place sure is one great little hangout.

7. Great South Wall Walk- Pigeon House Road, Ringsend, Dublin
Dun Laoghaire pier is one of the most coveted walks around Dublin but if you’re looking for something less discovered this may be your ticket.  Nestled by the notorious red and white striped chimneys, The Great South Wall leads you past hidden beaches to the middle of Dublin bay where a lighthouse sits at the very edge. Prepare for an eyeful of spectacular views.

8. Wall & Keogh- 45 Richmond St, Portobello, D6
A very chilled tea shop complete with funky decor and hip tunes. Choose from ten’s of teas delighted with hilarious names such as ‘cat’s pee’! I was treated to this once, surprisingly good, despite the name. They even host free movie nights on certain days of the month!

9. Market Studios- Corner Halston St & Mary’s Lane, D7http://www.themarketstudios.ie/
A kooky, offbeat exhibition space filled with the artistic musings of some of Irelands rising talents. Here, you can feast your eyes on some skilled and entertaining  visual media.

10. Royal Hospital Kilmainham Gardens aka IMMA, Kilmainham, Dublin 8
Yes, you have the ever popular St. Stephen’s green park, the lesser known but ever beautiful Iveagh Gardens but there is one more, lesser know garden. These are the gardens of the RHK grounds. They are formal gardens laid out in French style, adorned by classical statues and a quaint garden house. It is such a great place to come on sunny day.

Niamh Geaney